Happy Thanksgiving! A reminder to my liberal friends, remember to allow enough time to thaw out the baby.

"If the police are not doing the job, as they weren’t at that moment in Kenosha, the answer can’t be 'then the citizens have full police powers.'”

Watch @BillMaher, @EricAdamsForNYC, and @ChrisChristie discuss the Rittenhouse verdict on last night's #RealTime:

Why are @TheDemocrats who support so many issues that benefit the middle class still considered "out of touch" by 62% of America? #DemIntervention #Midterms2022 #WokeIsAJoke

Matt Gaetz says Kyle Rittenhouse is innocent and he'd like to hire him as an intern. Gaetz hasn't really been following the case. He heard "crossed state lines" and "teenager" and he was sold.