This week just keeps getting better: @BillMaher welcomes @FrankFigliuzzi1, @kmele + @PeterHamby to #RealTime FRIDAY at 10PM on @HBO + @HBOMax!

Watching the first press briefing just now - wow, its like "Did the last four years really just happen?" It feels like the season of "Dallas" that was really just a dream/nightmare. And like that "Dallas" scene, it made me feel like I need a shower.

What a great day for America! And when you think about it, for the entire world, and maybe in time, worlds beyond...but enough about my birthday, congrats to Biden and Harris! (And thanks to everybody who sent birthday wishes!)

Ashli Babbitt is the tragedy of the Trump voter personified - pissed off at all the greed and corruption that has squeezed the middle class hard. She died for a second Trump term, even though that would have solved exactly none of her problems. #ToxicBrokenness